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Unreachable Debian CD/DVD vendor: linuxcdstore.it


On Thu, Nov 29, 2007 at 03:07:33AM -0800, marco wrote on debian-www:
> On November 17th I purchased a set of dvd from linuxcdstore.it (they 
> accept direct payements through paypal). The problem is, I've not yet 
> been able to get in touch with them: my emails get no response 
> whatsoever. Also, no sign of the dvd's in my mailbox. It looks like 
> they're not taking care of their business anymore.

Was the money deducted from your account? I.e. did you pay, but not receive 
the DVDs?

> I think you should definitely remove them from the vendor list until they 
> come back.

I have CC'd this mail to the linuxcdstore.it contact address. 
linuxcdstore.it people, what is your comment on this??

If there is no answer at all from linuxcdstore.it in an acceptable amount 
of time, I might remove the entry in the future. (I'm a bit reluctant to do 
this based on a single report. There's always the possibility that a single 
order falls through the cracks from time to time.)



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