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Re: Unreachable Debian CD/DVD vendor: linuxcdstore.it

On 11/29/07, Richard Atterer <atterer@debian.org> wrote:
> I have CC'd this mail to the linuxcdstore.it contact address.
> linuxcdstore.it people, what is your comment on this??
> If there is no answer at all from linuxcdstore.it in an acceptable amount
> of time, I might remove the entry in the future. (I'm a bit reluctant to do
> this based on a single report. There's always the possibility that a single
> order falls through the cracks from time to time.)

Thank you for your mail.
Although, as today, we haven't received any email from his address
"marco-ebay@bluebottle.com" asking for information, we can suppose
that his package was lost by PosteItaliane, our shipment provider.
We have already sent him an email asking for info; tomorrow we'll ship
to his address another copy of  Etch's 4 dvds free of charge, as our
policy on lost shipment says.


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