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Re: broken $MIRROR/dists/$CODENAME/Release file

Otavio Salvador wrote:
> While I see your reasons for the message, I'd say that you're wrong
> since debian-cd is used from svn even for point releases (just, in
> this case, from a branch).

I think what you are saying by this (even if not intended) is that
packaged versions of debian-cd should not be used and the svn version
is the only supported version.  If that is true then the package
should be removed from stable.  On the other hand if the package is
useful and supported then bugs should be accepted against the stable
version of the package.

This is a fundamental discussion that has been talked about on various
Debian lists for a very long time.  Is the BTS for stable or unstable?
Is stable supported or is only unstable supported?

*I don't want to solve it here!*  I am just pointing out that this
basic paradigm schism seems to be at the core of this topic point.


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