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Re: broken $MIRROR/dists/$CODENAME/Release file

I've found the problem in debian-cd.
It is in the make_disc_trees.pl.

sub md5_files_for_release {
	my ($md5, $size, $filename);

	$filename = $File::Find::name;

	# Recompress the Packages and Sources files; workaround for bug
	# #402482
	if ($filename =~ m/\/.*\/(Packages|Sources)$/o) {
		system("gzip -9c < $_ >$_.gz");

	if ($filename =~ m/\/.*\/(Packages|Sources|Release)/o) {
		$filename =~ s/^\.\///g;
		($md5, $size) = md5_file($_);
		printf RELEASE " %s %8d %s\n", $md5, $size, $filename;

"Packages" gets re-compressed after it has already been added to the
MD3Sum section of the Release file:

 8f4848988b542d4bcae9519f7dd1fd84   149981 main/binary-i386/Packages.gz
 31778b10ad5f2d3af64595d1d891a8d0       80 main/binary-i386/Release

Screwed.  If you're going to re-compress, then you've got to suppress the
emission of the broken entry.  Just ignore ``/(Packages|Sources).gz$'' ??

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