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Re: New README page on debian CD

On Wednesday 26 September 2007, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> > I also saw Jérémy made a change to remove the "disk 1 on set of 1" text
> > for bc/netinsts, but the introduction just below the logo still starts
> > with "This is one disk in a set...". This seems inconsistent.
> Fixed, now changed to:

Cool. Note that all the "special" (kde, xfce, m-a) images are also not part 
of a set, but that may be a bit more work to support.

> > I'm also not completely sure about the "Welcome to the exciting world
> > of" slogan, but that is probably just a matter of taste about which
> > enless flames^Wdiscussions could be held.
> Yup. :-)

My main problem with it is that I don't really think Debian is (nor aims to 
be) an "exiting world" (except of course for developers, but the README is 
primarily targeted at users, not developers).
IMO someting like "Welcome to the universal operating system" would be more 
appropriate for Debian.

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