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New README page on debian CD


I've just seen the new README page on the CD images. Very nice improvement, 
but I do have a few comments.

IMO the default font (at 16px) is way too big. Something like 11px or 12px 
would make the normal text much more readable. Isn't it preferred prctice 
to specify relative font sizes rather than fixed font sizes (and let the 
user specify his base font size in his browser settings)?

I also saw Jérémy made a change to remove the "disk 1 on set of 1" text for 
bc/netinsts, but the introduction just below the logo still starts 
with "This is one disk in a set...". This seems inconsistent.

I'm also not completely sure about the "Welcome to the exciting world of" 
slogan, but that is probably just a matter of taste about which enless 
flames^Wdiscussions could be held.


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