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Re: Powerpc netinst CD when selected install64 installs only powerpc not powerpc64 kernel image!

On Thu, May 24, 2007 at 12:09:12PM +0200, Michal Semler wrote:
> Hi all, 
> Today I found serious error in powerpc netinst image, where I selected
> install64 to install 64bit kernel. Installation continues and finishes 
> well, but system is unable to be booted from harddrive. 
> After a while checking, I found out, that installer installed 
> linux-kernel-2.6.18-4-powerpc.deb image instead of 
> linux-kernel-2.6.18-4-powerpc64.deb which results everytime into 
> not-booting machine. 
> Can anybody help me how to boot with rescue64 to my installed /dev/sda2 
> partition? I am not familiar with yaboot. 
> It is at 
> /pci@fef00000/scsi@c/sd@5,0 partition=2 
> when I run only rescue64, rescue mode auto starts which I don't want and 
> there is also not possible select install any additional packege (kernel 
> package) 

I would go into rescue mode, go to a console, and chroot into the
installed system, and there hand-install the right kernel (and remove
the other one). for yaboot, you can either simply run ybin, which should
do the right thing if yaboot-installer did his job correctly, or use the
rescue menu item.

If the d-i folk had not been so much preocuped with their witch-hunt,
this kind of problems would not be happening.


Sven Luther

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