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Re: Powerpc netinst CD when selected install64 installs only powerpc not powerpc64 kernel image!


I am sure I have downloaded that ISO yesterday. Is there any Etch 4.0r0a or 
somethink like that with fix available to be sure?

BTW I used LVM to install it, so your proposal will probably not work for me.

Thanks fo reply


Dne čtvrtek 24 květen 2007 16:48 xavier grave napsal(a):
> Hi,
> Le jeudi 24 mai 2007 à 12:09 +0200, Michal Semler a écrit :
> > Today I found serious error in powerpc netinst image, where I selected
> > install64 to install 64bit kernel. Installation continues and finishes
> > well, but system is unable to be booted from harddrive.
> I had this problem with an openpower. What you can do is boot with
> install64. You setup your keyboard and network and before going to
> partition disk part of the install you go to console mode (in the
> install menu you can execute a shell).
> In this shell you do :
> mkdir /target
> mount -t ext3 /dev/sda2 /target
> chroot /target
> mount -a
> here you try to setup your yaboot :
> let's try a :
> yabootconfig
> Then you do :
> umount -a
> going out of chrooted env :
> exit
> umount /target
> reboot
> This should do the trick.
> As far as I remember somebody proposed a patch for this issue. May be
> your install disk old ?
> Hope it will help,
> xavier

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