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Re: too many CD ISOs

Am 2007-04-17 00:59:35, schrieb Matt Taggart:
> DVD drives have been out for long enough that new drives are cheap, and you 
> can probably find a used drive for only a few bucks (or free) if you don't 
> want to buy new (even DVD writers are getting affordable). They are available 
> in IDE/SCSI/sata/USB connection types, internal and external enclosures, and 
> it probably possible to add one to machines of all the archs that Debian 

There are many countries where you will have trouble to get DVD-Rom/
Burner and even there are no Venders of CD/DVD...
But they have and Internet connection... even sometimes vers slow...
(I know 2 peoples who have downloaded the binary-1.iso with a V.34+ modem)

> supports. In the rare cases it's not(and again, these are cases where there is 
> ALSO no good internet connection), people can probably run a LAN cable to a 
> nearby machine that can support a DVD drive and serve things up via http.

But they need at least the first 2-4 CD-Images...

> For the folks that these images are for, the ones far off the internet, I have 
> no idea how many CD images lenny will require, but I bet the cost of that many 
> CDs and shipping will be close enough to the cost of a DVD drive and the fewer 
> amount of DVDs required. Or even shipping a cheap hard drive...

A DVD-Drive send from France to an African contry cost environement
40 Euros plus the Import-Tax between 30-80 Euro...  I have already
an experience with it and then, there is no waranty that it goes to
the Person...

> Also the CDs are sorted according to popularity. The interestingness of the CD 
> images drops off very quickly after the the first few.
> Costs of additional CD images:
> * require additional cycles to generate (pretty cheap, but adds up as it's done
>   a lot)
> * storage to keep around (currently all the ISOs are 340+ gb IIRC, maybe 40% 
> is the full CD set)
> * bandwidth to provide (jidgo fixes this for people using it, but not everyone 
> does)
> * additional bandwidth/storage on mirrors
> * requires additional torrent seeds
> So how about keeping around a fixed amount of CD images per arch and dropping 
> the rest? I was thinking 3-4, but it might be cool to keep the first DVD's 
> worth of packages, so maybe that would be 7 CDs?

I think, this would be very acceptable...

> Hmm, we have the kde/xfce images too, I wonder if it would be possible to make 
> each of those be unique beyond the base install and they could act as CD 2 and 
> 3 for each other?

Why not make three BASE CD's, where on

    1.  is ALL KDE
    2.  is ALL GNOME
    3.  is all fvwm/xfce

stuff?  This CD's can be small as possible, even if they will have
only 200-400 MBytes.

I have never used KDE/GNOME and it is annoying, that I need to download
several 100 MBytes for nothing only to get a full install CD (and no,
netinstall is NO OPTION, since in most cases I have not Network)

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day
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