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Re: unofficial NETINST etch image build problem

Frans Pop wrote:
> (No need to CC us, we obviously read the list.)

Sorry about that. But in some cases hitting just reply replies to the
person only so that's why I mostly use "reply to all" in mailing lists.

> Maybe the attached wrapper script can help. Note that you will need to 
> make some changes in build.sh so that it does not change any variables 
> set in the wrapper script.
> The most important changes are:
> -unset INSTALLER_CD      || true
> -unset MAXCDS            || true
> +#unset INSTALLER_CD      || true
> +#unset MAXCDS            || true
> [...]
> -export DISKTYPE=CD
> +#export DISKTYPE=CD
> [...]
> -export MAXCDS=1
> +#export MAXCDS=1

/usr/share/debian-cd/build.sh doesn't change any of these.

Georgi Alexandrov

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