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Re: Bug#408465: debian-installer: Fails to provide for scaning second and remaining discs of a CD set.


2007/1/26, Philip Charles <philipc@debian.org>:
The installation can only use the first disc of the set.
No provision for adding other discs of the set, ie apt-cdrom add.
Noted on i386 and amd64.
Suggested point of addition, after the net installation question.

I would also like to see an option to scan other CDs. It was available
in sarge installer and it now assumes you are installing from net. It
would be good if installer can have a flag to specify which method it
is going to use so that when the cdrom installers are created it can
set the flag to true and ask user to scan other cds if he/she wishes.
Other installers like netinstall can ignore this as default value of
this flag is false.

This has been a major annoyance since we (in India) still depends on
cdrom as the major installtion source as broadband internet connection
is not cheap and not available for most people. And since it fails to
scan other cds tasksel is not able to install some packages which are
not in the first cd (like synaptic) even though which are part of the
Desktop task and the user has selected to install it and expect it to
be installed. Also there is constraint for the debian-cd team to fit
popular packages into the first cd.

It would be great if it is included in the debian installer for etch.

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