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Re: Debian etch CD iso not booting !

On Mon, Jan 01, 2007 at 11:46:31PM +0530, Roy Francis wrote:
>hi, last day I downloaded the weekly build iso binary CD 1 from
>the md5sums were found to be correct. I burned this into a CDRW using
>cdrecord using the normal options [as given in the debian FAQ on CD-writing
>]. ==>  nice --18 cdrecord -eject -v speed=2 dev=/dev/hdd -data -pad
>The CD mounted perfectly, contents were o.k. but fails to boot ! the CD is
>not recognized as a bootable one.
>then I tried writing knoppix iso under identical conditions [ commands, CDRW
>drive, ] , it was flawless and bootable.
>can anyone please tell me what's wrong ?

Hi Roy,

Can you mount the disk and check what the contents of the file
/.disk/info are please? That'll tell us exactly which version you

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