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Re: Metalink mirrors

here we go again ...

we already had this discussion once. Have you ever tried to count the number of segmented downloads you have on your server ? The number is huge !!! With or without metalink people are still going to use segmented downloads. In our case (ftp.ro.debian.org | ftp.iasi.roedu.net) awstats reports (on 12/2006) that
 HTTP 206, 92.7% (> 6 milion hits) .

Do you really think that this huge number has been generated by metalinks ? :)

Francois Petillon wrote:
Bram Neijt wrote:
Would you be willing to give a reason why these mirrors should be kept
out of the service, or should this not be a part of the form?

These mirrors should be kept out of metalinks download files as these files are used to do segmented downloads. Segmented downloads are made to steal either bandwidth (if the network is filled up, the bandwidth is limited per TCP connexions) or server ressources (when the server is busy, the more connexion you open, the more server ressources you get) from other users (as you open more connexions than others users).

If you think segmented downloads is a good thing, then you are thinking that everybody should use it, right ? Let say everybody use it with 4 connexions (which is quite low).

That way, do you think you have increase the network bandwidth between you and the servers ? Do you really think servers will appreciate to manage 4 times more connexions ? No, and in fact, as each connexion use somes ressources, their overall performances should even decrease due to the number of connexion the server have to manage. Thus, the day everybody use segmented downloads, you will have degraded performances...


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