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Re: Metalink mirrors

On 12/31/06, Francois Petillon <fantec@proxad.net> wrote:
Bram Neijt wrote:
> I'm currently experimenting with a new mirror collection system for
> Metalinks. Not really completed yet, but publicly available. I've
> added most (if not all) debian mirrors to this system and added debian
> as a featured download.

Would you please remove all references to ftp.proxad.net, ftp.free.fr
and ftp.fr.debian.org ?
Sure, done that. Removal has been on my mind for quite some time and I
will add that feature as a 'please remove this site' form on the page.
Would you be willing to give a reason why these mirrors should be kept
out of the service, or should this not be a part of the form?

Currently, anybody could add the MD5SUMS file again, so I would have
to blacklist your server completely, so for that reason it might be
better to remove it from public view completely.

I've added these points to the todo and hope to implement them in the
next few weeks.

By the way, ftp.proxad.net is, AFAIK, not in
This was actually a bug in a regex, so this is the first bug-report
and it should be fixed now.

Thank you for your reply and interest.

Bram Neijt

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