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Re: draft guidelines for official CD images

* Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org) [061014 20:33]:
> Obviously this adds enough human element to avoid a CD that installs
> windows, but what then is the cutoff point? Would a CD that
> auto-installs debian-edu be able to be called an "Debian CD"?
> What about a CD that only changes the default desktop to kde?
> I feel it will be confusing if there are different "Debian" CDs that
> behave in different ways. If the CD has different behavior it should be
> called an "Debian-Edu CD" or an "Debian KDE CD" or what have you.

Yes, I think this makes sense. And there is no harm in calling a CD
produced for e.g. Linuxtag 2006 "Debian Linuxtag 2006 CD", so this fits
in rather well with the original idea.


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