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draft guidelines for official CD images


we (Steve McIntyre, Martin Zobel-Helas and me) discussed what is an official
Debian CD. Frankly speaking, we should be able to produce official CDs for
handing out at fairs. However, to allow us to do that efficiently, we tried
to come out with some guidelines. Of course, currently this is a draft, and
we welcome feedback.

==begin draft==
Any CD/DVD image needs to (I'll just write CD now for lazyness):
- CD-lintian doesn't report errors (as soon as we have it);
- CD uses the official d-i (of course, preseeding is ok), or if otherwise
  agreed by the d-i RMs (which are currently Joey Hess and Frans Pop);
- There is an extended README, including:
  - responsible persons for the creation of this CD,
  - selection criteria for packages on the CD,
  - what additional packages are on the CD, how to report bugs for them,
    and where updates are,
  - place of the errata for this CD;
- All "official" packages are the same as on ftp.d.o, additional packages
  can be in other directories;
- All packages are DFSG-free;
- All software that ends up on the installed system comes from .deb packages
- Images available to be put on cdimages.d.o (actual uploading is done
  via Steve or someone else - we just require the images to be available
  for upload; it is ok if upload needs to be delayed by a short time);
- Prepare a news item and send it to debian-publicity;
- All source needs to be available, and you need to conform to the licenses
  on the CD, especially to GPL.

As these are guidelines, the final decision is shared between Steve McIntyre
and the stable release managers. For approval requests, please contact them
via debian-release@lists.debian.org.
==end draft==


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