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Re: draft guidelines for official CD images

Andreas Barth wrote:
> ==begin draft==
> Any CD/DVD image needs to (I'll just write CD now for lazyness):
> - CD-lintian doesn't report errors (as soon as we have it);
> - CD uses the official d-i (of course, preseeding is ok), or if otherwise
>   agreed by the d-i RMs (which are currently Joey Hess and Frans Pop);
> - There is an extended README, including:
>   - responsible persons for the creation of this CD,
>   - selection criteria for packages on the CD,
>   - what additional packages are on the CD, how to report bugs for them,
>     and where updates are,
>   - place of the errata for this CD;
> - All "official" packages are the same as on ftp.d.o, additional packages
>   can be in other directories;
> - All packages are DFSG-free;
> - All software that ends up on the installed system comes from .deb packages
> - Images available to be put on cdimages.d.o (actual uploading is done
>   via Steve or someone else - we just require the images to be available
>   for upload; it is ok if upload needs to be delayed by a short time);
> - Prepare a news item and send it to debian-publicity;
> - All source needs to be available, and you need to conform to the licenses
>   on the CD, especially to GPL.

One problem with these guidelines is that I could create a CD that
followed each of them to the letter, and yet used preseeding to
download and auto-install windows (or install a free subset of ubuntu from
debs on the CD).

> As these are guidelines, the final decision is shared between Steve McIntyre
> and the stable release managers. For approval requests, please contact them
> via debian-release@lists.debian.org.

Obviously this adds enough human element to avoid a CD that installs
windows, but what then is the cutoff point? Would a CD that
auto-installs debian-edu be able to be called an "Debian CD"?
What about a CD that only changes the default desktop to kde?

I feel it will be confusing if there are different "Debian" CDs that
behave in different ways. If the CD has different behavior it should be
called an "Debian-Edu CD" or an "Debian KDE CD" or what have you.

(Note that I've left out the word "official" since apparently that was a
mistake in the subject.)

see shy jo

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