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Re: draft guidelines for official CD images


On Saturday 14 October 2006 11:10, Andreas Barth wrote:
> CDs for handing out at fairs. However, to allow us to do that efficiently,
> we tried to come out with some guidelines. Of course, currently this is a
> draft, and we welcome feedback.

Overall it looks good & short :) One question (or rather two: is this 
appropriate for debian-release? :)

> - All "official" packages are the same as on ftp.d.o, additional packages
>   can be in other directories;

Do I understand this correctly, that I can make a official debian cd with 
packages from etch and backports.d.o, as long as the latter packages are in a 
different directory? I would say "no" but I read your draft differently...


P.S: And you could specify the location of the extented README. Oh, and 
another point: so live-cds are not official CDs, according to this definition 
("All software that ends up on the installed system..."). I think it would be 
nice to have official live-cds.

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