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Can I bypass choosing a mirror of the Debian archive when installing from full CDs

I wanted to install from the full CDs (3 DVD's downloaded on tuesday of this week). Before the installation of the base system I was forced to enter a mirror site. PPP connection to the internet is not available at that point. I was unable to figure out if it is possible to go on with the installation from CD without internet connection. From a previous mail Richard Atterer in the mailing list I got the idea that it should be possible to install from DVD's without using a mirror. If someone knows the trick please let me know.

Best, Franz

I am referring to this mail posted on April 12 2006 by Richard Atterer
The change that was introduced with Etch beta 2 is that the installation
of additional packages (tasksel), which used to take place after
rebooting, now happens as part of the installation itself before

We are working on fixing the issue that you are currently almost required
to select a mirror, which is an issue for both the netinst _and_ full
CDs. Not using a mirror is possible, but it is not very intuitive.

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