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Re: No more "free Linux CD" mails! (hopefully)

On Sun, Apr 16, 2006 at 09:03:14AM +0300, George Danchev wrote:
> I'm just curious which one will appear to be the worst - this cure or the 
> current disease ;-). Since the askers are probably too lazy to follow the 
> link and read its content (if happend to have at least basic english 
> knowledge) they will write to the first email found within the google 
> results.

That may be true, we'll see... the advantage of this solution is that I can 
remove the page again any time.

The _real_ fix for the problem would be for the listmasters to allow us to 
tag certain mails on lists.d.o as non-indexable by robots. But solutions 
which involve changes to lists.d.o usually also involve endless 
discussions, tiresome waiting for answers and no real progress... :-/

> Perhaps a negated version into the URL name should be used: 
> 'w.d.o/CD/no-free-linux-cd' or even more articulated like ;-) 
> 'w.d.o/CD/The-Debian-project-does-not-send-out-free-CDs'

No, this shows you haven't been paying attention in your Google psychology 
classes! ;-)

As soon as they see anything which involves "NO free linux CD", the 
searchers will completely disregard that search result. I doubt they will 
end up noticing or memorizing the name "Debian". It's my hope that when 
they visit the page I added, they will actually read the first sentence.

Of course, the short page content summary that is output with the Google 
results may also include the "Debian does NOT send out" in the case of my 
page, which may cause the entry to be ignored. :-|



PS: Another solution to the problem: The mails in this thread might push 
the "genuine" free Linux CD mails away from the top of the search results. 
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