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proposal: hosting CD building for Debian-Edu


I have a big proposal. Until now Debian-Edu/Skolelinux builds their CD (which 
was a woody and after the last release a sarge CD with some newer package 
versions especially of the debian-edu, debian-edu-install and 
debian-edu-config package as of the ltsp package).
After we set up our new archive we want to start the etch based CD building 
process. Ok before you ask yourself what I want you to do I will try to 
answer it quickly ;)
Some DDs suggested that it could be possible that someone of you can 
host the CD building process. In general is this possible?
If yes we have to build two isos for etch.
Here a small overview about our archive structure:

For the etch based development we have:

An etch-test and an etch suite. The etch-test suite should generate a CD iso 
after a new package version is uploaded into our archive 
(dak get it from deb ftp://ftpnew.skolelinux.org/skolelinux etch-test local
i don't know how to handle the udeb packages as they are described in a 
seperate Packages file but you guys know the stuff better than me :) ).
Then the new ISO will be tested and if it is ok the package version will be 
copied from etch-test to etch. With this way we can provide a more stable 
daily build version for our users.
After that it would be nice if we can also build an iso from sarge (we 
included all packages from old archive into the new one, but the iso's are 
still built from the old one).
Means all in all 3 isos and it should be possible to start the build process 
with a small command via remote from our server (if it is possible).

This was just a small summary of what we need and what would be the work if 
you guys agree. If you don't have the time, machines or whatever don't worry, 
it was just an idea and it would be nice if we can use the service inside 
debian, then we can concentrate on other things instead of working on our 
build scripts :) .

Thanks for your time anyway.


P.S. I am not subscribed to this ML please also send answers to this thread to 

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