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Re: problems with downloading ISO-CD by http

>At 01:12 AM 3/21/2006, patrick hesters wrote:
>>I can not download following images :
>I also enjoy  downloading iso's too. Aesthetics aside I have to point out
>the update duplicates the other stuff.
>>(I always get : Connection aborted by server. Sometimes at 20% sometimes
>I see this too, especially there is widespread network trouble.
>In my opinion, this is not Debian trouble.
>>I get this on several sites (Belgium and also your major site in Sweden).
>This is common but trivial to solve: download with the correct tool.
>The correct download site helps too.
>You should be able to resume a file transfer
>from the spot where it stopped. Some web browsers
>don't do this. Therefore:
>1. Update to a web browser that works.
>2. Add this functionality to your browser with a "download manager."
>3. Change to a better tool. Use an ftp client like "wget" or
>my choice - "ncFTP."
>4. A secondary tool like "rsync" is also useful.
>(I usually recommend "jigdo" but I sense you
>have religious objections.)
I am downloding the iso's with MS explorer 6.0 (sorry)
I am behind a proxy-server (I have no direct access to port 80, nor access
to FTP)
I've tried jigdo also, even with the proxy settings I can not get access.
I've entered the proxy settings, found in the .pac file, as options in the
jigdo-lite settings file.
I can not pass through te proxy. I've tried different parameters.

>The correct site helps, too. The default installation of
>M$ IIS (part of Windows server) does not allow file
>transfers to resume. Many site operators have not
>changed the default. In this case, use ftp instead of
>http as your file transfer protocol.
>>Can you check this please.
>>Otherwise I can not use this distribution.
>What? The first CD is enough to install Debian, especially if you have
>net access. .... Actually, the "netinst" is enough...
>(Actually, you can get by with two floppies *if* you have a good
>net connection.)
>Regards, Gordon




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