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Re: problems with downloading ISO-CD by http

At 01:12 AM 3/21/2006, patrick hesters wrote:

I can not download following images :


I also enjoy  downloading iso's too. Aesthetics aside I have to point out
the update duplicates the other stuff.

(I always get : Connection aborted by server. Sometimes at 20% sometimes at

I see this too, especially there is widespread network trouble.
In my opinion, this is not Debian trouble.

I get this on several sites (Belgium and also your major site in Sweden).

This is common but trivial to solve: download with the correct tool.
The correct download site helps too.

You should be able to resume a file transfer
from the spot where it stopped. Some web browsers
don't do this. Therefore:
1. Update to a web browser that works.
2. Add this functionality to your browser with a "download manager."
3. Change to a better tool. Use an ftp client like "wget" or
my choice - "ncFTP."
4. A secondary tool like "rsync" is also useful.

(I usually recommend "jigdo" but I sense you
have religious objections.)

The correct site helps, too. The default installation of
M$ IIS (part of Windows server) does not allow file
transfers to resume. Many site operators have not
changed the default. In this case, use ftp instead of
http as your file transfer protocol.

Can you check this please.
Otherwise I can not use this distribution.

What? The first CD is enough to install Debian, especially if you have
net access. .... Actually, the "netinst" is enough...
(Actually, you can get by with two floppies *if* you have a good
net connection.)

Regards, Gordon

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