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Re: Problem

Hello Debianmall,

What is your response to this mail? If you do not respond or if further 
people report problems with you, we might indeed have to remove you from 
the list of Debian CD vendors.

All the best,


On Tue, Mar 21, 2006 at 04:49:33PM -0300, Alex de Oliveira Silva wrote:
> Hi,  One to user informed to me of a problem with of the "Vendors 
> Debian" of cds of the Debian.  In which it made the purchase and they 
> had not delivered for it and of form some we obtain to find the owner of 
> the site.  Probably either a site to steal money of the people.  Please  
> remove it of the site of the Debian temporarily, while we do not obtain 
> to contact and resolve these problem.
> *Vendedor:* Debianmall
> *URL:* http://www.debianmall.com.br/
> *URL da página Debian:* http://www.debianmall.com.br/debian.html
> *Contribuem com o Debian: Não* 	*País:* Brasil
> *Entrega internacional:* Não
> *e-mail:* vendas@debianmall.com.br <mailto:vendas@debianmall.com.br>
> *Tipo de CD:* *CD Oficial*
> *Arquiteturas:*  i386 ; fonte
> ________________________________
> Alex de Oliveira Silva (enerv)
> enerv@host.sk
> alex@secrel.net.br

FWIW, the following contact info is available via whois:

domain:      debianmall.com.br
owner:       Dettmann Representações Ltda
responsible: A. Dettmann Jr
address:     Rua São Simão (Correspondencia), 18, 
address:     29113-120 - Vila Velha - ES
phone:       (27) 53101918 [ICQ]

person:      Dettmann Representações Ltda
e-mail:      fapesp@dettmann.biz
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