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Re: D-I Etch Beta2 - Status update (3)

Frans Pop a écrit :
I've made a complete mess of CD images for Beta2 so far as the result of a wrong assumption. This means, as some installation reports and comments have shown, that CD images linked from [1] have been broken since last Friday.

The good news is that there are now good Beta2 netinst and businesscard CD test images available from [1]. Note that these are not the regular etch_d-i or sid_d-i. The correct link for Beta2 images is currently:

Initial tests using these images for i386 and sparc64 have shown no problems. Tests for other arches are very much appreciated [2].

This also means that there are no good full CD images available yet. However, some issues with full CD images have been identified [3] and are

Thanks for your work...
I tried the netinst iso today...
And it failed to bring up my ethernet card...
This is a Marvel Gigabit 88E8053.
I switched to a console during the networking setup step and tried to load the sk98lin module (didn't work either) and there's no sky2 module for the installer kernel. On a i386 and Asus P5GDC De luxe Motherboard wich is not an exotic one I think. For instance the last Dapper Drake Live CD load the af_packet and sky2 modules in order to bring this ethernet card up.
Is there any workaround ?
Thanks in advance.
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