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Re: Debian Images

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On 03/02/2006 04:06 AM, Emmanuele BARBARO wrote:
> Hi to all, unfortunately I've inserted a wrong question. The right one is:
> Exists an "Official CD/DVD images of the "unstable" release"? If yes, what's
> the address?

	Hmmmm, AFAICT no, there are no "Official" images for the unstable
release, in fact, we build "Official" images of the testing release, it
makes more sense from the point of view of a "release target", because
testing is going to become "stable", so build images of testing helps us
to find problems in future stable releases.

	What you probably will find are some "Unofficial" images for the
unstable, probably built by Debian Developers or third parties that want
some feature or package from unstable, you could even found some mixed
(testing and unstable) images, but you will have to search around to
find this, they are not available in cdimage. (And I'm not aware of any
besis fsn://HU, and that one you can find in cdimage). :o)

> Thanks, and sorry for the lack of time.

	You are welcome, hope this helps. Kind regards.

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