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Re: About RockRidge

--On January 25, 2006 6:57:08 PM +0800 Stephen Liu <satimis@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi Michael,

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I'm not sure what you mean 'the tarball could not be read direct
on CD'....

The files on the tarball burned on the CD can't be copied to and edited
on the OS without mounting the tarball.

They can't no matter how you put them onto the CD since CD's are read only. You can copy then edit, or extract then edit.

Exactly what is your goal here?  If it's just to copy the data
over, preserving permissions, symlinks, etc, ....

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Yes, I just need the files after burned on CD preserving original
permissions, symlinkes, etc.  So that I can use the CD as a mobile HD
transferring files between PC.  After mounting the CD the files can be
read directly on File-Manager, without further work such as
decompressing, and they can be opened/edited and saved onto the PC.

I read "man mkisofs" on RockRidge.  I'm not sure whether following
command line can help?

# mkisofs -o cd.iso -r -uid satimis -gid satimis -dir-mode 0664
-file-mode 0664 -new-dir-mode 0664 /path/to/data

I usually use a -r -J since Joliet is the only extension windows PCs seem to reliably understand, sometimes you can get longer filenames with -joliet-long too -- however RockRidge, Joliet, etc, all have limitations. Your UID and GID settings won't work unless your numeric UID and GID are the same on your target unix box if the target box is unix. Which usually isn't the case.

If you really want to preserve all the meta information, tar is the only easy way.

I have to go to another PC to check.  I'm now working on Knoppix
Live-CD on a PC with a new HD without OS.

I'm not clear of -z option, what does it mean "transparently compressed
file" and "the resulting disks are only transparently readable'?

Can you shed me some light?  TIA


Michael Loftis
Modwest Operations Manager
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