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Re: About RockRidge

Hi Michael,

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> I'm not sure what you mean 'the tarball could not be read direct 
> on CD'....

The files on the tarball burned on the CD can't be copied to and edited
on the OS without mounting the tarball.

> Exactly what is your goal here?  If it's just to copy the data
> over, preserving permissions, symlinks, etc, ....

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Yes, I just need the files after burned on CD preserving original 
permissions, symlinkes, etc.  So that I can use the CD as a mobile HD
transferring files between PC.  After mounting the CD the files can be
read directly on File-Manager, without further work such as
decompressing, and they can be opened/edited and saved onto the PC.

I read "man mkisofs" on RockRidge.  I'm not sure whether following
command line can help?

# mkisofs -o cd.iso -r -uid satimis -gid satimis -dir-mode 0664
-file-mode 0664 -new-dir-mode 0664 /path/to/data

I have to go to another PC to check.  I'm now working on Knoppix
Live-CD on a PC with a new HD without OS.

I'm not clear of -z option, what does it mean "transparently compressed
file" and "the resulting disks are only transparently readable'?

Can you shed me some light?  TIA


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