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Re: About RockRidge

--On January 24, 2006 3:27:20 PM +0800 Stephen Liu <satimis@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi Michael,

Tks for your advice.

- snip -

But the answer you're really looking for is tar.

On transferring data from one HD to another HD I'm using EITHER tar,
then burning the tarball on CD, OR dd with the second HD connected as
slave.  However the tarball could not be read direct on CD without
untaring it.  So I'm looking for another route still with data burned
on CD and came across RockRidge.  If I can find a solution then the CD
can be used as backup with its data read direct on any PC.

I'm not sure what you mean 'the tarball could not be read direct on CD'.... If you mean to use an ISO9660/ro filesystem as a mount point for your users home directory that's completely different.

Exactly what is your goal here? If it's just to copy the data over, preserving permissions, symlinks, etc, tar is the right tool. If your goal isn't that then that's different.

I'll go back to the old route.  Tks again for your advice.


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