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Re: Automatic Installation

(Moving this question to debian-boot list where it is more appropriate)

On Sunday 11 December 2005 15:15, Sandeep wrote:
> I have been struggling from the past several days to do an automatic
> installation using preseed file I have placed the file in directory
> preseed under the root directory and have modified syslinux.cfg such
> that I have added these entries to default boot APPEND 
> preseed/file=/cdrom/preseed/preseed.seed
> preseed/file/checksum=c570c246d72f34d4e8fd996548cc8f8a
> I get the error message: Failed to get preconfiguration file from
> /cdrom/preseed/preseed.seed
> Can anyone help me out. I would be very grateful

If you switch to VT2 during the installation and 'ls -l /cdrom/preseed', 
do you actually see the file?
What are its file permissions?


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