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Re: d-i beta status update

On Wed, Nov 09, 2005 at 04:54:26PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> The past several days have been spent waiting for CD images to build and
> waiting for the d-i images for alpha and amd64 to get resolved and
> available in the archives. 
> The full CDs have had to be rebuilt several times to get a working set
> of tasks on them, and while I hope the current build is one we can
> release with (except for alpha, see below), I've not yet gotten a test
> report. If someone could test the i386 full CD #1 and make sure the
> desktop task is available, and works, that would be very helpful.
> The amd64 guys handled nicely what looked like some painful work to get
> their images built and available earlier this week. Steve also did his
> bit to get the alpha images building again, but getting the built images
> installed into the archive took 4 days, a delay that would be completly
> avoidable if we could only convince a ftp-master to automate the d-i
> image installation. Still waiting for those images to reach the
> cd-builder mirror so alpha CDs can be built.
> The hppa full CD images are failing to build [1], but unless we get a
> fix to it soon, we will just release without those.
> We have reasonable coverage for test installs for i386, powerpc, and sparc,
> but no conclusive test results listed in devel/release-checklist for any
> other architectures. The tests turned up errata items for several of the
> tested arches, but mostly they work. Installs in other languages have
> been reported for some 15 languages, with two failing and 6 or 7 having
> minor issues.
> If the latest set of full CDs is releasable, I hope to begin the last
> stages of the release process, and let the alpha full CDs catch up once
> they're ready.
> -- 
> see shy jo
> [1] http://cd-builder.debian.net/log/hppa

What scripts are being run to generate that log?  It doesn't appear to
be an svn version of debian-cd, or any released version of debian-cd.  I
don't know what is generating the error messages at the end of the log,
so I can't suggest how to fix it.  It looks like whatever script is
being used needs changing to cope with the hppa kernel rename.

In the same directory is a "1etchhppa" which does appear to be generated
by an svn version of debian-cd (or a newer than 2.2.23 version, anyway).


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