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d-i beta status update

The past several days have been spent waiting for CD images to build and
waiting for the d-i images for alpha and amd64 to get resolved and
available in the archives. 

The full CDs have had to be rebuilt several times to get a working set
of tasks on them, and while I hope the current build is one we can
release with (except for alpha, see below), I've not yet gotten a test
report. If someone could test the i386 full CD #1 and make sure the
desktop task is available, and works, that would be very helpful.

The amd64 guys handled nicely what looked like some painful work to get
their images built and available earlier this week. Steve also did his
bit to get the alpha images building again, but getting the built images
installed into the archive took 4 days, a delay that would be completly
avoidable if we could only convince a ftp-master to automate the d-i
image installation. Still waiting for those images to reach the
cd-builder mirror so alpha CDs can be built.

The hppa full CD images are failing to build [1], but unless we get a
fix to it soon, we will just release without those.

We have reasonable coverage for test installs for i386, powerpc, and sparc,
but no conclusive test results listed in devel/release-checklist for any
other architectures. The tests turned up errata items for several of the
tested arches, but mostly they work. Installs in other languages have
been reported for some 15 languages, with two failing and 6 or 7 having
minor issues.

If the latest set of full CDs is releasable, I hope to begin the last
stages of the release process, and let the alpha full CDs catch up once
they're ready.

see shy jo

[1] http://cd-builder.debian.net/log/hppa

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