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Re: d-i beta status update

> tested arches, but mostly they work. Installs in other languages have
> been reported for some 15 languages, with two failing and 6 or 7 having
> minor issues.

Actually, regarding that matter, I tried to be as exhaustive as
possible (but, again, I've been pretty much alone with that task). For
instance, if one "Latin-1" language currently works, it's very likely
that others will.

So, given that a German install was successful, I assume that Spanish,
Italian, Dutch, Portuguese+Brazilian and all other Latin-1 based
languages will be OK (French is OK and defaults to UTF-8).

I focused on languages which are known to often give problems in 2nd
stage and unsurprisingly, those have been those which "fail" on that
matter. The worst failures are Vietnamese and Belarusian. Too bad for
these two new languages...

The fix is already in sid but too late, for sure. So, if some users of
these languages show up, we'll be able to point them at sid_d-i

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