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Re: Artwork

On Saturday 23 July 2005 23:30, Marek Kubica wrote:
> First: Sorry for the late response - I was busy playing with Inkscape
> (which is a really great piece of software).

My SMTP server was down. :-(


> Does it make sense designing a DVD cover for users with CDs? Sarge hasd
> 14 CDs last time I counted them.. that's a lot of covers even when
> putting 3 or four into special DVD covers.

Never try and pigeon-hole what your customers will do. "There be madness!" 
Mine still regularly suprise me with what they get up too.


> I uploaded it yesterday. You can find it as ever on:
> http://circuit.projectdream.org/debian/artwork.html

Love it, bravo!


> I've had the idea of writing all the names of all packages on the back..
> but that would be quite a lot.. some thousands of packages.

Categorised highlights and micro-film. :-))


> Would be a possibility, but why write MD5 hashes there when the DVDs are
> ready to use in the box? :)

Bad media. I'm paranoid. It shows.

Plus the fact that I've just recently received 14 "Etch" CD's that weren't and 
some bad Sarge DVD's.


> I could upload a incomplete file in Gimp format, processed by the Gimp
> import filters if you are interested.

Yes, please.

[If your on the list, Marek, please tell me when to stop CC'ing.]

All the best.

Robert "roach" Spencer
South Africa

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