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Bug#320206: debian-cd: Minor improvement in CONF.sh: use $CODENAME for exclusions

Package: debian-cd
Severity: minor
Tags: patch

The patch below looks logical to me, but maybe there's a very good
reason why it's not done that way...

Index: CONF.sh
--- CONF.sh     (revision 891)
+++ CONF.sh     (working copy)
@@ -166,14 +166,14 @@
 export DEFSRCSIZE=635

 # We don't want certain packages to take up space on CD1...
-export EXCLUDE="$BASEDIR"/tasks/exclude-sarge
+export EXCLUDE="$BASEDIR/tasks/exclude-$CODENAME"
 # ...but they are okay for other CDs (UNEXCLUDEx == may be included on CD >= x)
-export UNEXCLUDE2="$BASEDIR"/tasks/unexclude-CD2-sarge
+export UNEXCLUDE2="$BASEDIR/tasks/unexclude-CD2-$CODENAME"
 # Any packages listed in EXCLUDE but not in any UNEXCLUDE will be
 # excluded completely.

 # We also exclude some source packages
-#export SRCEXCLUDE="$BASEDIR"/tasks/exclude-src-potato
+#export SRCEXCLUDE="$BASEDIR/tasks/exclude-src-$CODENAME"

 # Set this if the recommended packages should be skipped when adding
 # package on the CD.  The default is 'false'.

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