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Trouble downloading i386 Jigdo CD images for Sarge

anonymous,                     7/27/2005

           I have attempted to download the first CD image for Sarge using Jigdo
at least 3 or 4 times now.  

I am using Jigdo version 0.7.2 for Windows

The last attempt I made I let Jigdo-lite 
do all the work. When it asked for a 
source for the Jigdo file I plugged in:


When it asked for a server to grab the
template file from I gave it:


The template file seemed to download fine but when it starts to download the
files for the CD image I receive the 
error below:

jigdo-lite: ./JIGDO-BIN/jigdo-file: Permission denied
Error - template checksum mismatch!
The .template file does not belong to the .jigdo file - the
chances are high that the image generation process will break.
I will abort now. If you know better than me and want this error
to be ignored, enter the string "42" to proceed.

Note that you might get this error if you resumed the download of a
.template file, and that .template file has changed on the server in
the meantime. In this case, you may be able to fix the problem by
deleting the .template file and restarting jigdo-lite.

Any input on this problem would be 

I am not a member of this list but I
will try to watch the archives for a 

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