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outdated iso mirrors

Trying to refer nostarch.com to a place where they can download the
ISO DVD image #1 r0a for i386, I noticed that
http://www.us.debian.org/CD/http-ftp/ lists a lot of servers that do
not serve ISOs anymore:

don't exist anymore:

  United States: aurolinux.mit.edu: HTTP

no 3.1, only 3.0:

  United States: linux.csua.berkeley.edu: FTP HTTP
  United States: cudlug.cudenver.edu: FTP HTTP
  United States: debian-cd.rutgers.edu: FTP HTTP
  United States: debian.midco.net: FTP HTTP
  United States: ftp.lug.udel.edu: FTP HTTP
  United States: ftp.rutgers.edu: FTP HTTP

no 3.1r0a, only 3.1r0:

  United States: carroll.aset.psu.edu: FTP HTTP
  United States: debian.mirrors.tds.net: FTP HTTP

no ISOS (only jigdo or BT):

  United States: debian.fifi.org: FTP HTTP
  United States: ftp-mirror.internap.com: FTP HTTP
  United States: mirrors.kernel.org: FTP HTTP
  United States: ftp.keystealth.org: FTP HTTP

empty directories:

  United States: mirrors.usc.edu: FTP HTTP
  United States: debian.oregonstate.edu: FTP HTTP
  United States: ftp.ndlug.nd.edu: FTP HTTP

32 bit servers not able to serve >4Gb files

  United States: mirror.cs.wisc.edu: FTP HTTP

This leaves *one* single server in the US that still serves the

  United States: ftp-linux.cc.gatech.edu: FTP
thought you might like to know. :)

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