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Re: amd64 sarge installation cds with 2.6.12

lsorense@csclub.uwaterloo.ca (Lennart Sorensen) writes:

> On Fri, Jul 22, 2005 at 11:24:18AM +0200, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
>> apt-get install debian-cd
>> I configure the CONF.sh for normal CD builds, setting the path and
>> such and then override a few things for netinst (see below):
>> Building is then done with
>> export CF=./CONF-netinst.sh
>> ./build.sh
>> You probably have to build for etch and change the D-I task file for
>> the new kernel though.
>> MfG
>>         Goswin
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>> % cat CONF-netinst.sh
>> #!/bin/sh
>> #
>> # extra setting for a netinst CD
>> . ./CONF.sh
>> export NORECOMMENDS=1
>> export NOSUGGESTS=1
>> export COMPLETE=0
>> # businesscard image
>> #export INSTALLER_CD=1
>> #export TASK=tasks/debian-installer-sarge
>> # netinst image
>> export INSTALLER_CD=2
>> export TASK=tasks/debian-installer+kernel-sarge
>> export DOJIGDO=0
>> export DI=sarge
>> export DI_DIST=sarge
>> export IMAGETARGET=bin-official_images
> Unfortunately you also need to somehow get the new kernel into the d-i
> part, which requires a few other steps using other packages/sources.
> Updating the packages on the cd is actually the easy part (and just
> replacing the files and updating Packages.gz from an existing netinst cd
> is much easier than figuring out all the settings in debian-cd, and much
> faster too I find).
> Len Sorensen

If you have to do just one then no problem.

I used to have to change a lot of udebs or debs to test sarge CDs so I
made myself a mirror with just the netinst debs and udebs using
reprepro and added localy modified packages to that. After that it's
just running the D-I build script and then the debian-cd build script
to test.

After the first two or three times this is much easier overall.


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