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Re: amd64 sarge installation cds with 2.6.12

On Thu, Jul 21, 2005 at 04:55:36PM -0400, Faheem Mitha wrote:
> It seems likely I will soon be needing a Sarge installation CD with 
> 2.6.12. This is because I will want to install Debian (AMD64 port) at work 
> on a machine with two of the new dual core Opteron processors.
> Apparently 2.6.12 supports this architecture properly, while earlier 
> versions of the kernel do not.
> So, I was wondering if anyone had made (or knew of) official or unofficial 
> Sarge AMD64 installation cds with 2.6.12? If not, I guess I'll have to try 
> rolling my own.

Well having already made some with 2.6.11, I intend to make one with
2.6.12 just as soon as debian released packages for 2.6.12 (I don't feel
like doing the patching of the kernel myself and many debian patches I
find very useful).

I am trying to make sure I notice when 2.6.12 comes out.

I still hope to hear from someone with i2o hardware whether my attempt
at adding i2o support to my netinst image works or not since I have no
such hardware to test with.

Len Sorensen

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