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Re: Bits from the CD team: plans for debian-cd v3.0

On Thu, 14 Jul 2005, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:

> Why can't you preseed the netboot or monolithic image?

The netboot needs access to the us mirror to download the installer
components.  I need to be able to control which mirror it points at (both
because we have multiple local mirrors, and because firewall settings
often make the primary mirror inaccessible without additional
configuration).  It's impractical to pass the necessary mirror & network
preseed settings on the command line because we run out of argument space.
If there's a way around this that I'm not familiar with, I would be happy
to learn more.

The monolithic image (I presume you mean the full 600M iso here) is simply
too big for our purposes.  We're using a web front end which allows users
and/or admins to design a system by answering a few basic questions, and
then a preseeded image is generated on the fly in just a second or two.
It would take many more resources to do this on a 600M image, than on a
25M image.



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