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Re: are DVD sarge images bootable?

On Wednesday 02 February 2005 04:14, Andrew Schulman wrote:
> I just used jigdo to build DVD iso's of the latest snapshot of sarge, then
> burned the iso's to DVD.  I tried to boot from the first DVD in the set
> (there are 2), but my PC wouldn't boot from it.  I've never tried to boot
> from a bootable DVD before, but I know I can boot from bootable CDs.
> Questions:
> - Are the sarge DVD iso's that jigdo creates normally bootable?

I see you found that.
> - How can I examine a DVD or ISO image and determine whether it's bootable?

mount the dvd or mount the iso using the loop device.
cd /mnt (or whatever your mount point is)
find . |grep boot | head

you should get a line that says boot.cat or similar, in the Sarge dvd it's in 
the isolinux dir.

man mkisofs and search for -b for more information.

Bob Parker

> Thanks,
> Andrew.

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