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sarge installation with kernel 2.6.8

I have tried all different ways to install Debian on my dell dimension 8400 (single sata drive),
from cd, from floppy, adding an pata drive, even from knoppix ...
but none was completely successfull. Well, kernel 2.4 works if I set the controller
to be sata/pata combine mode, but the performance really sucks since kernel
2.4 access my hard drive in a simulated pata mode.

I came back to the latest office sarge netinstall cd image today, tried to
install kernel 2.6 in the very beginning. In both linux26 and expert26
mode, the cdrom cannot be detected. It seems to me that the official
cd does not have cdrom drivers for kernel 2.6, is that the case? and if so,
how do I get around?

I saw some posts about debian-cd and bootcd, is that the way to go?


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