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Build me a Debian Distro?

Hi guys [and gals, just in case]

Been searching around and have spent lots of time researching on this -
but I'm still not getting the solution. Perhaps you can help.

I'm TRYING to build a custom debian distribution [note the keyword
TRYING] based on the available packages from the SARGE tree for i386
machines. Yeah, I know, why another distro right? I understand the
arguments about it ... but just hang in there okay...

Company XYZ would like to create its own distribution with its own
selection of packages and of course its own branding. Nothing fancy
about the packages - no customisation currently. So, what they need
could be summarised as follows:

(a) Using a base PC,
- carry out a base install of Sarge Debian
- carry out installation of Desktop packages
- add/remove packages as appropriate i.e firefox, evolution, gaim etc.
- customise the desktop wallpaper
- customise the bootup screen
- customise the splash screen
- customise the startup scripts
- customise default user

(b) Thereafter,
- create an installer for this customised version
- create the ISO files
- write to CD or CDs as appropriate
- support, patches and updates will be via apt-get to a custom mirror

Sounds fairly doable right? Yeah, that's what I thought until I search
the Internet and found very little information about these. Everyone is
asking for stuff similar to this but till date, I have not found
something complete. I have seen the following

remaster knoppix

and I have in fact completed the debiancustomcd but this does not allow
me to change the splash screen etc. or perhaps it does but I'm simply
too blinded by tireness to notice.

Would appreciate if anyone can point me in the right direction or maybe
even provide me with the appropriate steps to take for my requirements.
Perhaps I could even promise to write-up a how-to for the benefit of the
others that are searching on the same lines ...

In summary, I guess, something along the lines of 

- install Sarge Debian for Desktop
- customize the packages
- customize the look and feel
- repackage for distribution via an installer

Thanks a zillion

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