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[CSL #253433] mirror.cs.wisc.edu will no longer be offering debian-on-cd


We will no longer be mirroring debian-on-cd at mirror.cs.wisc.edu.

We can't install custom tools (jigdo-mirror) for each distribution that
we mirror, and most mirror sites that offer rsync are either very slow,
out of date, or have inconsistent directory structures.

If we could get a standard way to mirror debian-on-cd from a master
debian site (rsync would be best, http or ftp are doable, but rsync is
much preferred), we would be happy to start mirroring it again.

We have tried to use the master rsync site listed on the "Becoming a
mirror" web page (http://www.debian.org/CD/mirroring/), but it
constantly times out, and we are unable to get any data off of it.

If there is another master site that we could rsync from, let us know,
and we'll start mirroring it again.



Mirror Site Administrator

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