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Re: confused by recent debian-cd changes

Steve McIntyre wrote:
> >How it seems to really work:
> >
> > - tasks/base-sarge is never updated for new versions of debootstrap in
> >   recent memory, but things like "filesutils", fileutils, and arcboot are
> >   manually added to it, ignoring the comments at the top of the file.
> Ouch. In that case we need to fix this. Dependencies are going to
> become fun here, of course. I hadn't noticed the problem here yet, but
> I've never felt the need to modify tasks.

I think I've comprehensively fixed + updated this one.

> > - tasks/debian-installer is generated by tools/generate_di_list, which
> >   now must be run on a machine containing a mirror of the unofficial amd64
> >   port, or you won't get the same file as is in cvs.
> Apologies, that's my fault from when I added the amd64 support into
> debian-cd.
> > - tasks/debian-installer+kernel likewise but more so
> Ditto.
> >Is this accurate? Am I wasting my time trying to do things like the
> >documentation and common sense would indicate they should be done?
> I can well believe what you're seeing. The way I suggest to fix this:
>  * remove the auto-generated files from cvs altogether:
>    * tasks/base-sarge
>    * tasks/debian-installer
>    * tasks/debian-installer+kernel
>  * Add a dependency on debootstrap to generate the base-$suite file as
>    needed
>  * A full debian-cd run should generate the
>    tasks/debian-installer{,+kernel} as needed too. If people don't
>    have a full mirror attached for the arches they're targetting then
>    they're going to struggle to do anything anyway. It's not clear why
>    these were ever committed into cvs, and I agree it was a mistake.

That would indeed be better than the hack I put in for
tasks/debian-installer+kernel. Doing a similar hack for
tasks/debian-installer was unmaintainable anyway.

> Does this sound reasonable? The next question - do we want to do this
> _now_, or will it wait until after the sarge release so we don't risk
> destabilising too much? I guess I'm asking how much change we're
> likely to see in d-i between now and the release. Your call, really.

I don't really anticipate needing to update tasks/debian-installer
before release. The debian-installer+kernel lists kernel packages to
install and it will be changing over the next couple of weeks.

see shy jo

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