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confused by recent debian-cd changes

Before I throw anymore pennies down the well that is debian-cd, let me
make sure I understand how it's supposed to work vs. how people seem to
want it to work based on recent modifications.

How it's supposed to work:

 - tasks/base-sarge is regenerated periodically by the code fragement given
   at the top of the file, to track changes in debootstap
 - tasks/debian-installer is generated by tools/generate_di_list, which
   needs to run on a full debian mirror
 - tasks/debian-installer+kernel likewise
 - these tasks/ files, though machine generated, are kept in cvs for
   ill-defined reasons, possibly because not everyone has a full mirror.
   Whatever the reasons, keeping them in cvs seemed to lead to --

How it seems to really work:

 - tasks/base-sarge is never updated for new versions of debootstrap in
   recent memory, but things like "filesutils", fileutils, and arcboot are
   manually added to it, ignoring the comments at the top of the file.
 - tasks/debian-installer is generated by tools/generate_di_list, which
   now must be run on a machine containing a mirror of the unofficial amd64
   port, or you won't get the same file as is in cvs.
 - tasks/debian-installer+kernel likewise but more so

Is this accurate? Am I wasting my time trying to do things like the
documentation and common sense would indicate they should be done?

see shy jo

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