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Re: Bug#269163: base install fails on HP ProLiant dl360g3 (using 20040830/netinst)

Joey Hess writes...

> That's nasty, whoever designed that should be spanked. If the system
> doesn't want to work in graphics mode, it should not pretend there's a
> graphics capable card there, then syslinux would not use graphics
> mode...

Well it's displaying on the vga console at the same time as this remote 
management device and you can interact with either. This design means you can 
interact with the bios and any bootloader/OS/software without the management 
device needing to know anything about it, which is pretty nice. So I 
understand the design from that standpoint.

> I don't think we have plans for a non-splash-enabled CD right now. Maybe
> we should make the second cd in a full CD set bootable and make it not
> use a splash screen.

Either way we'd need documentation telling users of these systems what to do 
"If using the iLO text console, when the system goes into graphics mode hit F1"
"If using the iLO text console, boot with the second Debian CD"

While the latter might be a more general answer since there might be other 
systems that need it, I think CD#1 is going to much more widely available so 
I'd vote for that.
> debootstrap was broken a few days ago and you got a CD with the broken
> debootstrap on it.

OK, I'll try again when a new nightly shows up.


Matt Taggart

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