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Re: Bug#269163: base install fails on HP ProLiant dl360g3 (using 20040830/netinst)

Matt Taggart wrote:
> 0.) HP ProLiant systems have a remote management device called an "intergrated 
> Lights Out" ("iLO"). This device intercepts the system's vga text and keyboard 
> and makes it available via telnet. As long as the system stays in vga text 
> mode it works great but if you try to use framebuffer it tells you "the system 
> is in graphics mode". So I am able to start the installer with 
> "debian-installer/framebuffer=false" and that works fine. The problem is that 
> the initial bootloader uses a framebuffer splash screen. If you know to hit F1 
> at that point then you get the text back and boot without framebuffer. Is 
> there going to be be boot media for i386 that doesn't use the spash screen?

That's nasty, whoever designed that should be spanked. If the system
doesn't want to work in graphics mode, it should not pretend there's a
graphics capable card there, then syslinux would not use graphics

I don't think we have plans for a non-splash-enabled CD right now. Maybe
we should make the second cd in a full CD set bootable and make it not
use a splash screen.

> 5.) During the base install, the installer complained "debootstrap exited with 
> an error (return value 1)" /var/log/messages says
> =======================================================================
> Errors were encountered while processing:
>  exim4-daemon-light
>  at
>  exim4
>  exim4-config
>  mailx
>  exim4-base
> =======================================================================
> looking in the logs it appears to be exim4-config with the problem,

debootstrap was broken a few days ago and you got a CD with the broken
debootstrap on it.

see shy jo

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