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Re: install debian for the first time

¡Hola Silvio!

I don't mean to sound arrogant, but your message shows that you very likely
need to get additional help to succeed in installing Debian. Try to find a
friend who knows about Linux, or look for a Linux User Group (LUG) in your
area. (By the way, LUG members may be able to give you free Linux CDs.)

Also, maybe you should try Knoppix first to get an idea of what Linux is 
like. The advantage of Knoppix is that you do not need to install anything, 
it just boots and runs from CD. See <http://knoppix.org/>.

On Tue, Aug 31, 2004 at 10:04:54AM -0400, Pereira, Silvio (SS) wrote:
> Please I need some help to install debian, I making download through the
> following link: ftp://linorg.usp.br/iso/debian/debian-sparc/
> <ftp://linorg.usp.br/iso/debian/debian-sparc/>

Are you sure you need the "sparc" CD image? Note that sparc is quite exotic
hardware - if you have a "normal PC" (AMD or Intel processor), you need a
"i386" CD, sparc will not work.

Also, it is recommended you download the first two CDs (1_NONUS.iso and
2.iso) of the Debian CD set, please read

> I need to know if is necessary more files for installation through cd. 
> or I should record the cd and to begin the installation with just the two
> files of the link?

The .iso needs to be written to a CD in a special way, please read 

The "wget-log" file has nothing to do with Debian.



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