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Re: 2.6 kernels and CDs

> Anyway, I'm concerned that this will probably not fit on a netinst iso
> image. The current netinst iso is 106 mb (that includes the existing
> 2.6.5 kernel udebs; it's under 200 mb without them). To add full 2.6
> support, we would need to add a vmlinux file and an initrd for the 2.6
> kernel (3.9 mb), plus the kernel-image.deb (14 mb). That would increase
> the netinst iso to 124 mb in size.

Just for the readers of the lists that don't hang on irc all the time ;-)

Yesterday we solved the space problems on the netinst cds and started making
sid_d-i cds (both businesscard and netinst) for i386 that have dual boot,
allowing us to boot linux (for kernel 2.4) or linux26 (for kernel 2.6) along
with their repective expert options.

As soon as the sarge d-i images add support for 2.6, also sarge_d-i cds, the
full cd set and the dvds will also have dual boot on their first disc.

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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